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Basics Of Azure Data Factory

Sagar Prajapati

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Transform your data into insights with Microsoft Azure Data Factory! Learn the fundamentals of data ingestion, transformation, and integration with this comprehensive course. From beginner to pro, master the art of data engineering and take your career to the next level.


The Basics of Azure Data Factory course is a comprehensive guide that encompasses all the essential aspects of designing, building, and deploying data integration solutions with the Azure Data Factory. The course focuses on providing an overview of Azure Data Factory and its key components, such as pipelines, activities, and triggers. The course also instills an understanding of data flow and data transformation techniques employed by Data Factory. The course covers important data integration scenarios such as loading data from on-premises and cloud-based data sources, transforming the data with Data Factory Data Flows, and piping the data to various sinks such as Azure Blob Storage and Azure SQL Database. On completing the course, students will have foundational knowledge of Azure Data Factory, equipping them with the skills to boost their Data Analytics capabilities.

Key Highlights

Learn the fundamentals of Azure Data Factory

Understand how to build, deploy and manage pipelines

Explore data ingestion and transformation

Discover how to trigger and monitor your pipelines

Get hands-on experience with practical exercises

What you will learn


Create and manage data workflows in Azure Data Factory

Learn how to create and manage end-to-end data workflows in Azure Data Factory using pipelines, activities, and triggers.


Connect to various data sources and destinations

Understand how to connect to various data sources and destinations such as Azure Blob storage, Azure Data Lake Storage, SQL Server, and more.


Transform and process data with Azure Data Factory

Discover how to transform and process data using various data integration services such as Data Flow and Mapping Data Flows in Azure Data Factory.


Monitor and manage data workflows in Azure Data Factory

Learn how to monitor, troubleshoot, and manage data workflows in Azure Data Factory using Azure Monitor and Azure Resource Manager.


#1. Setup free account in Azure Portal | Azure Data Factory Tutorial|

#2. Create and Setup KeyVault in Azure Data Factory| Azure Data Factory Tutorial|

#3. Setup Blob Storage and Copy Activity using For Each| Azure Data Factory Tutorial|

#4. How to Parameterize the Linked Service | Azure Data Factory Tutorial|

#5 How to Parameterize the dataset | Azure Data Factory Tutorial|

#6. How to validate data between Source and Sink using Copy Activity in Azure Data Factory

#7 Create LinkedService using Service Principal| Register your App in Azure| AzureDataFactory Tutorial

#8. Skip Unwanted Records Using CopyAcitvity| AzureDataFactory Tutorial |

#9. Different Copy Behavior of CopyActivity| AzureDataFactory Tutorial |

#10. Add additional columns during Copy Activity | AzureDataFactory Tutorial |

#11. How to use LookUpActivity | AzureDataFactory Tutorial |

#12. Realtime Scenario of LookUpActivity | Must watch 🔥🔥🔥|AzureDataFactory Tutorial |

#13. How to stop CopyActivity in ForEach if fails |Best Example |AzureDataFactory Tutorial |

#14. How to use GetMetaData Activity |AzureDataFactory Tutorial |

#15. RealTime Scenario of GetMetaData Activity- with copy activity |AzureDataFactory Tutorial |

#16. Different Activity modes - Success , Failure, Completion, Skipped |AzureDataFactory Tutorial |

#17. Set Variable and Append Variable |AzureDataFactory Tutorial |

#18. How to use Delete Activity |AzureDataFactory Tutorial |

#19. RealTimeScenario of Delete Activity with GetMetaDataActivity |AzureDataFactory Tutorial |

#20. How to use Filter Activity |AzureDataFactory Tutorial |

#21. How to use Switch Activity with Filter, ForEach and CopyActivity|AzureDataFactory Tutorial |

#22. How to use ScriptActivity|AzureDataFactory Tutorial |

#23. How to use Until Activity| No one will tell you - Realtime Example| AzureDataFactory Tutorial |

#24. Integration Runtime in ADF in an easy way| Azure -IR| AzureDataFactory Tutorial |

#25. How to pull data from RestApi and write it into Blob Storage|JSON| AzureDataFactory Tutorial |

#26. Copy data from REST API which sends the response in Pages| Azure Data Factory Tutorial |

#27. Event based Triggers in Azure Data Factory| Azure Data Factory Tutorial |

#28. Tumbling Window Trigger in Azure Data Factory| Azure Data Factory Tutorial |

#29.How Azure Data Factory Handles CSV Files - With or Without Headers? | Azure Data Factory |

#30. How to Automate your Data Pipelines with Azure DevOps | Azure Data Factory |

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