Unlocking the Power of Delta Lake Architecture: A Paradigm Shift in Data Lake Management and Processing.

Sun Jul 9, 2023

Delta Lake Architecture

Delta Lake is an open-source storage layer that is changing the way data lakes are managed. It enhances Apache Spark and data lake applications with ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability) transaction capabilities, assuring data integrity and reliability. Delta Lake can accommodate petabyte-scale tables without the tiny file problem because of scalable metadata management. It supports the Parquet data format and includes schema enforcement, time travel, and insert and remove operations. Delta Lake handles metadata as data, allowing for efficient administration and a complete audit trail of modifications. It is Spark-compatible and can interface smoothly with current data pipelines, giving it a dependable and effective option for data lake processing.

Delta Lake Architecture:

  • Delta Lake is a tool that helps you store and process data. Delta Lake is designed to work with data that might not be perfectly clean or organized. Delta Lake has three different levels of data storage: bronze, silver, and gold. 
  • When data comes in, it goes into the bronze level. This is where the data is first processed and cleaned up.

  • After the data is cleaned up in the bronze level, it moves to the silver level. This is where the data is further cleaned up and filtered.
  •  Finally, the data goes to the gold level. This is where the data is completely cleaned up and tested before it's used for things like machine learning or data analysis.
  • By having these different levels of data storage, Delta Lake makes sure that the data is always getting cleaner and more trustworthy as it moves through the different stages
  • Bronze tables serve as the first point of contact for incoming data, which may be unclean and come from a variety of sources.
  • Data is then sent into Silver tables, where it is constantly cleaned and filtered as it passes downstream.
  • Gold tables are the final level of data cleansing and testing before it is ingested by ML algorithms and data analysis.
  • The design guarantees that data becomes cleaner and more trustworthy as it flows through the various zones.

How Does Delta Lake Function?
  1. Delta Lake is a tool that helps you store and process data. Delta Lake uses something called a transactional log to keep track of all the changes you make to your data. 
  2. The transactional log is important because it helps Delta Lake do things like make sure your data is safe and secure, and that you can go back in time to look at older versions of your data.  
  3. When you make changes to your data, Delta Lake breaks down each change into a series of steps. 
  4. Here are some of those steps: 
    1. Insert a file: This adds a new data file to your data. 
    2. Remove a file: This gets rid of a data file from your data. 
    3. Update metadata: This updates information about your data. 
    4. Set transaction: This records that a streaming job created a new batch of data. 
    5. Change protocol: This makes your data more secure by using a newer security protocol. 
    6. Commit info: This provides information about the changes you've made to your data.
  • Delta Lake transforms data lake management by adding ACID transaction capabilities to Apache Spark and data lake applications.
  • Its architecture includes bronze, silver, and gold tables to ensure data cleanliness and reliability throughout different stages.
  • Delta Lake utilizes transactional logs, enabling features like ACID transactions, scalable metadata processing, and time travel.
  • User commands are broken down into stages such as file insertion, removal, metadata update, and transaction setting.
  • This approach provides a comprehensive and secure data processing framework.
  • The inclusion of commit information enhances transparency and enables a complete audit trail of data lake operations.
  • Delta Lake is a powerful and efficient solution for managing and processing data in data lake environments.

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